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Top 10 Best Shallow Well Jet Pumps (2019)

Best Shallow Well Jet Pumps

They say water is life and indeed it is. A world without water is unfathomable and hence the sentimental importance attached to well pumps. These inventions of man completely changed the way we live for the better. Those that reside in whichever location can now get uninterrupted supply of water …

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Top 10 Best Hand Well Pumps (2019)

Best Hand Well Pumps

We have come a long way when it comes to the way we do things. Whether cooking, drawing water, communicating, ferrying goods, travelling, and so forth, we have devised more efficient ways of doing things. The advent of the well pump was particularly a big step in human civilization given …

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Top 10 Best Solar Well Pumps (2019)

Best Solar Well Pumps

As its name suggests, the solar well pump is a pump that relies on solar energy to draw water from its source to the intended destination. The solar panels that generate power for the pump convert solar energy into electrical energy which runs the pumping system. These pumps are highly …

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Red Lion Well Pump: Overview and History

Red Lion Well Pump

When it comes to the competitive world of well pumps, a manufacturer has to go an extra mile in literally everything if it wants to stand out from the crowd. Red Lion Pump Products is a manufacturer of well pumps, well pump accessories, and other tools. It has built a …

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Goulds Well Pump: Overview and History

Goulds Well Pump

In the world of well pumps, there are so many manufacturers. However, some chosen few stand out as the best by all measure. Goulds Water Technology is a manufacturer that has become a household name. It is known for its wide collection of well pump equipment and accessories. It has …

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BurCam 506547SS Shallow Well Jet Pump & Tank Review

BurCam 506547SS SW Stainless Steel Jet Pump & Tank

Well pumps have been in use from the onset of human existence. Proven records have shown how ancient inhabitants such as those of Mesopotamia utilized well pumps. Over the years, the designs, shapes, brands, and models of well pumps have changed immensely. However, one thing that has always remained unchanged …

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