ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump Review

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Shallow well water pumps are made in many designs and make use of varying technologies. As a result, they have widely varying power outputs. Individual shallow well water pumps can lift water from a range of depths and give a flow rate that is unique to each water pump. The ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump is one that promises to help you get water from your shallow well. It is an electric water pump made by Eco-Flo Products Incorporated. This article takes a closer look at this water pump and explores various ways you can use it in your daily life.

About the ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump

ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump


The ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump is mainly black in color. It has two distinct sections. One section is made up of the electric motor and the control box. The other section is the sump or pump body where water enters the pump and exits at high pressure. This water pump has a pressure control switch on the motor side. It is fed data by a sensor on the sump section of the water pump. A cord connects the pressure sensor and the control box. Some electrical information diagrams are affixed onto the pump for your quick reference.

On the underside of the pump are four bolt holes. They are useful for the setup and installation of this water pump in the location where you will be using it. This water pump measures 24 x 11.4 x 10.2 inches. It weighs 27.4 pounds.

The pump superstructure is made using thermoplastic. The electric motor in the pump has a stainless steel shaft and the windings in the motor are made using insulated copper wire. Eco-Flo has made sure to use materials that do not rust. This is a great move by Eco-Flo towards providing you with quality water supply. Even when the pump is not used for long, it does not give out rust water.

Power and Efficiency

ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump

The ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump is a dual voltage water pump. The pump can run on either a 230 volts supply system or a 115 volts supply. Mains power is great for the pump. In situations and locations where mains power is not an option, alternative electricity supply such as from solar energy can be used to run this pump. It does not use up a lot of electricity when in operation. The investment capital required to set up alternative electricity supply for the pump is thereby not too high.

It is important to note that the pump is available in 3 power output models. One gives you a work output of 0.5 horsepower. The second one has an output of ¾ horsepower. A third and final option has an output of 1 horsepower. These options can be selected before purchase of the water pump.

You should select the correct power input on the water pump. A shunt that is simple to use allows you to do this with ease. When new, the pump is set to 230 volts. In the USA, make sure to select the 115 volts option before connecting the pump to electricity and turning it on. Operating the water pump at an inappropriate voltage results in reduced performance and damage of the pump.

Electric water pumps such as the ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Water Well Jet Pump, are plagued by problems caused by the wearing down of moving parts. Manufacturers are therefore using various materials, techniques and designs to make their water pumps last longer. This water pump features a stainless steel motor shaft that does not wear easily. It rests on heavy duty bearings that further reduce friction in the motor. The rotor is balanced to prevent vibration that lowers performance of the pump.

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Pros and Cons


  • The pump has great performance extracting water from shallow wells. It has an output of between 5 and 7 gallons per minute depending on the depth of water in your shallow well. The pump gives uniform pressure of 40 PSI.
  • The pump has an inlet measuring 1 ¼ inches in diameter. The outlet is 1 inch in diameter. These are enough for water to flow into the pump and exit at adequate pressure.
  • This electric water pump is used at ground level. It allows for easy installation and operation of the pump. Accessing the pump for inspection and maintenance is easy too.


  • The thermoplastic pump casing on the pump is prone to developing cracks. It is advisable to provide protection for the pump from direct sunlight. This additional cost of setup and installation is easily avoided by using metal pump casing.
  • The pump is quite noisy. In residential areas, it can be bothersome.


Further Thoughts

ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump

The ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump gives you its best when it is used with shallow wells. It does not claim to be able to get water from deep wells. At 25 feet of water well depth, this water pump reaches its limit. It is not suitable, and neither is it designed for use with deeper wells. The pump gives you a water flow rate of 7.5 gallons per minute when drawing water from a depth of 5 feet. The flow rate drops with increase in depth.

The pump comes with an instructions manual. You can also download one from the manufacturer’s website. Eco-Flo has a customer care service you could also reach out to in case you run into problems with the ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump. The pump also comes with a pressure gauge so you do not need to purchase one separately from the pump.

Proper care is required for the successful operation and long life of this water pump. It is a precision water pump that can get damaged if particles enter it. Sand is especially harmful to the pump. It causes moving parts in the water pump to wear out quickly. Using a filter is useful when your shallow well water has impurities and particulate matter in it. With a filter, you protect the pump from getting clogged with dirt.

This Eco-Flo water pump is best left on site after each use. It lasts longer and presents fewer problems. Removing the pump from a location involves disconnecting it from the electric power supply and the piping infrastructure connected to it. It is tedious to have to go through all the work of installation and removal every time you are pumping water.

A Final Word

This is a small and powerful pump. When working properly, it ensures you have steady water supply. The pump can run on any supply of AC power at the right voltage. It makes the pump great for home and farm use. It can run a few sprinklers and can even be used to keep water circulating such as in a swimming pool. Long operation periods are not recommended for this water pump. It is best to use it in short bursts to keep a water tank full. Even then, ECO-FLO Products EFSWJ5P Shallow Well Jet Pump is a good pump and a great investment when you have water supply problems and a shallow well that can solve them.

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