Goplus 1.6HP 1200W Shallow Well Pump Review

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Water supply systems require a pump in most cases. A good pump adds pressure to water and helps with getting it where you need it. The Goplus 1.6HP 1200W shallow well pump is a solution for the increase of water pressure. It helps you get more out of the available water resource and enjoy life more. The water pump is great for use with shallow wells as well as in irrigation. It also helps many homeowners lift water to the top of tall buildings. This shallow well pump is also great for gardening, swimming pool water circulation and the aeration of pond water. It can be used to run fountains and sprinklers on your lawn.

Goplus is a well known manufacturer and seller of efficient water pumps and other appliances for home use. The company promises durability and high efficiency in the Goplus 1.6HP 1200W shallow well pump. It also assures users of the pump of simplicity and safety in operating the pump. Goplus has installed a number of features into the pump to ensure that safety requirements are met.

About the Goplus 1.6HP 1200W Shallow Well Pump

Goplus 1.6HP 1200W Shallow Well Pump

The Goplus 1.6HP 1200W shallow well pump is colored blue and black. It makes use of a motor to provide force to pump water. The pump shows good crafting and assembly. It has two distinct compartments. The upper cylindrical compartment is the motor and its housing. In its description of the pump, Goplus claims that the motor housing is made of cast iron. However, the pump comes with a plastic motor housing.


The Goplus 1.6HP 1200W shallow well pump features a copper wire motor. The motor does not overheat easily and gives consistent results. It is very efficient on electricity consumption too. This water pump also has a permanent magnet for best efficiency in operation. It has a power output of 1200 Watts. Its rating is 1.6 horsepower. These features enable the pump to be very powerful and pushes water out at very high pressure. It can lift water up to 100 feet high.

The powerful power supply system on this shallow well water pump is coupled with a thermal overload protection unit. It stops the pump when it heats up too much or if there is a current overload. It prevents burning out the motor of this and contributes to the long life of the pump.

On/Off Switch

On the upper motor compartment of this pump is a safety switch, which turns the pump On or Off. The switch has a cover for increased safety of operation. This cover over the On/Off switch prevents accidental operation of the water pump. The motor is vented on one side to allow cooling. On the other side of the motor is the electrical cord to supply the motor with electrical power. A cable runs from the top compartment of this water pump to the lower compartment for communication with the automatic shutoff of the pump. The pressure of water in the pump can turn the pump on or off. Additionally, a pressure gauge readout on the pump informs you of the water pressure at all times. It is a handy addition to the pump that is not found on many other home use water pumps.

This Goplus 1.6HP 1200W shallow well pump has a very solid support at the bottom. It is achieved by having flat metal pieces holding up lower compartment of the pump. The supports give you 4 bolt holes that allow you to firmly fix the pump to an appropriate surface. It ensures stability of the pump when working and helps to prevent its theft.

Physical Dimensions

Space management with the Goplus 1.6HP 1200W shallow well pump is not a problem for most home owners. The pump takes up a space measuring approximately 25 inches in height, and 12 x 22 inches. Positioning the pump in such a space allows enough aeration around the pump for cooling. The pump measures 10 inches in length and is 19 inches wide. It rises to a height of less than one less than 2 feet since it is only 20 inches high. You can build and enclosure around the pump when it is installed in place for a long time. The enclosing structure should allow for easy access to the machine for operation, visual inspection and installation. It should also be ventilated to allow for air cooling of the pump.

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Pros and Cons

Goplus 1.6HP 1200W Shallow Well Pump


  • The depth from which you can get water with this water pump is 60 feet. This is great depth for most of the water sources we have. Additionally, the pump lifts water to an impressive height too (up to 100 feet). The total lift you achieve with the pump makes it a great asset to have.
  • Setting up this shallow well water pump is easy. It is intuitive and takes little time. Goplus includes an instructions manual with every purchase. It is very handy for understanding the water pump and setting it up.
  • The pump is rated 120 Volts and can absorb minor spikes in voltage without suffering any damage. It is rated 120 Volts and can absorb minor spikes in voltage without suffering any damage. You should supply the pump with electricity at 110 volts AC at 60 hertz. The water pump also has a shut off control that kicks in if the motor gets too hot.
  • The inlet and outlet connection points on the pump are well situated. They allow for easy attachment and detachment of pipes. The connection points are capable of use with standard pipe sizes.


  • The assembly of this shallow well water pump includes plastic and other materials in addition to metallic parts. Over time, some of the materials degrade and the pump develops a leak. Better seating and sealing would make this pump more competitive.
  • This pump is designed to work with clean water free of particles. Contaminants that are of more than a few millimeters can clog up the pump. The loss of performance and efficiency when the pump is clogged makes it unsuitable for rough water extraction conditions.


Further Thoughts

Home use of pumping equipment often requires attention being paid to the cleanliness of the water system. The water pump you use in your home should keep water clean and safe. Manufacturers use various technologies to ensure that water is not contaminated after passing through water pumps. Goplus uses ceramic motor shafts and a metal structure to prevent generation of rust water in this shallow well pump. The ceramic motor shaft is closed to guarantee this 1200 watts electric water pump works well.

A Final Word

The Goplus 1.6HP 1200W shallow well pump is powerful and efficient. When properly set up and running, it does good work in solving your pumping needs. The pump is best suited for uses that have it running in bursts. When used continuously for a long period, you should allow the pump some time to cool off before turning it on again. The pump can last long with proper maintenance and meet your wide range of water pumping needs over time.

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The Goplus 1.6HP 1200W Shallow Well Pump performs well at its main function, but it has some structural design and durability issues that brings it down.

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