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Goulds Well Pump: Overview and History

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In the world of well pumps, there are so many manufacturers. However, some chosen few stand out as the best by all measure. Goulds Water Technology is a manufacturer that has become a household name. It is known for its wide collection of well pump equipment and accessories. It has a rich history, has had its share of ups and downs and has remained among the best of the best. Goulds well pump products are generally noted for their durability and efficiency.

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Goulds Well Pump Products

Goulds Well Pump offers a wide collection of liquid pumping products and accessories. Some of its top five products include:

  1. Shallow Well Jet Pumps
  2. Deep Well Jet Pumps
  3. Convertible Jet Pumps
  4. Sewage Pumps
  5. Sump Pumps

1. Goulds Shallow Well Jet Pumps

Goulds Well Pump - Goulds-J7S Single Nose Shallow Well Goulds-Jet Pump
The Goulds-J7S Single Nose Shallow Well Goulds-Jet Pump. Click image to view.

Shallow well jet pumps refer to a pump that has the capability of drawing water from 25 feet depth-to-water maximum. This type of pump might be less efficient when it mountainous areas, drawing the life-giving water from of depths of 18 to 20 feet depth-to-water. The design of the jet pumps is similar. It is made up of a nozzle and a venturi pair. Water is blows through the venturi by the nozzle and this generates pressure that builds up the pressure in the pump which then pushes the water through the piping system.

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2. Goulds Deep Well Jet Pumps

Goulds Well Pump - Goulds VJ10 Vertical Deep Water Well Jet Pump
The Goulds VJ10 Vertical Deep Water Well Jet Pump. Click image to view.

A deep well jet pump has a similar design to the shallow well jet pump. However, the nozzle and venturi of the deep well jet pump are placed in the well. Two pipes are then connects the pump with the ejector package. One of its pipes pulls the water whereas the other drives the water through the nozzle and venturi. This process creates a pressure differential that draws the water from the well. A deep well jet pump is designed for deep wells or greater depths.

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3. Goulds Convertible Jet Pumps

Goulds Well Pump - Goulds HSJ10N 1 HP Convertible Jet Pump
The Goulds HSJ10N 1 HP Convertible Jet Pump. Click image to view.

The convertible jet pump is similar to the deep well jet pump. In fact most manufacturers treat them as one and same thing. Goulds convertible well jet pumps are tailored for use as both shallow and deep well jet pumps. This allows the owner to enjoy the benefits of both types of pumps without the need to buy both of the pumps separately. If you have a shallow well then the pump serves you well. Contrarily, if you have a deep well then no problem, simply convert it into a deep well jet pump.

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4. Goulds Sewage Pumps

Goulds Well Pump - Goulds WW0511AC Submersible Sewage Pump
The Goulds WW0511AC Submersible Sewage Pump. Click image to view.

Goulds Sewage pumps are pumps that have been designed for moving liquids and solids from one location to the other. The sewage system normally uses the force of gravity in moving liquids and solids down the sewage line and it becomes impossible to use gravity when an area is situated uphill. This is where the sewage pump comes into the picture. The pump is submersible and are the most efficient when it comes to the movement of liquid and solid waste. They can handle solids of up to 2 inches wide. Those designed for commercial purposes can handle larger items. They all work in a similar manner – they have a bulb that is attached to the pump. When the bulb reaches certain height it turns on a switch that kick-start the pumping process.

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5. Goulds Sump Pumps

Goulds Well Pump - Goulds LSP0712F Submersible Sump Pump
The Goulds LSP0712F Submersible Sump Pump. Click image to view.

The sump pump refers to a pump that is usually used to pump liquid from a pit situated in the basement or crawlspace. As this pit fills with water, the sump pump moves it out of the pit, through pipes to a drainage spot. This helps the owner to get rid of the unwanted water from their residence. The sump pumps are usually fitted with a float activator arm or a pressure sensor. They turn on automatically when the pit is filled with water. Available also are manually operated sump pumps that will work only when the owner turns them on. These are not popular since they are not as convenient as the auto sump pumps. Goulds sump pumps are designed for maximum efficiency. They cater for the home owner who desires a reliable pumping system for water from their basement.

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Goulds Water Technology date back to the year 1848 when Seabury S Gould bought a share of Edward Mynderse and H. C. Silsby in a firm that was referred to as Downs, Mynderse and Co at the time. The firm was then renamed to Downs and Co.

1949 came and the Great Gold Rush came into the picture. This is the year when Goulds cast the first ever all-iron pump. Nothing could stop Gould from believing in his dream of the unlimited possibilities of the iron pump. The first pump casting emerged, a whole iron pump which he believed would eliminate the drawbacks associated with the wooden water pumps. This would be sturdier, more efficient, and one that would avail fresh and clean water for the inventors of the well pump.

Seabury, as a man of vision could never have imagined how useful the iron pump would be or the wide applications it would serve. Goulds Manufacturing Company came into existence in New York. Gould began to make pumps and more. Some of the items Goulds cast included sinks, corn shells, fire engines, bells, tools, and many others.

Goulds were the first to devise the steam powered pumps that served the trains when the transcontinental railroad was opening up the west. His was during the time when Millard Fillmore was the president of the United States. At this time, trains needed water and the only reliable source of the water was windmills that pumped water from wells and this often delayed the trains for days. This was a serious problem and Goulds saw it as an opportunity. They developed the steam powered pumps that were reliable and more efficient.

A new factory was built by Downs and Company in 1855 when Seabury S Gould was at the peak of his career. 1864 was the year that the company was incorporated in New York State and in 1869 the company became Goulds Manufacturing Company. Seabury as its founder ran the company until after the Civil War. Fire destroyed the entire plant in 1879 but not the foundry. In 1872 to 1896, James H Gould headed Goulds as its President. This was during the Industrial Boom in America and he reconstructed the factory that had been destroyed.

As from 1896 to 1908 Goulds was headed by Seabury Gould II. At this time America was at the top in manufacturing business. Goulds underwent massive development during this period and it acquired an additional 60 acres of land that was added to its 70 acre parcel.

Goulds Manufacturing Company was changed to Goulds Pumps, Inc in 1926 and its fourth President Norman J Gould headed it all through a period when the country underwent massive technological change. He was the head of the company through the most challenging of times; all through two world wars as well as the Korean War. In total he served for 56 years, the longest term as the president of Goulds. The company went public and employee ownership in 1964. Ever since then Goulds has grown immensely.

What Make Goulds Different from Others

A Rich History

Goulds is a firm that has a rich history dating back to American early civilization. It has been through the ups and downs that the country has undergone. Its clear record is second to none. Very few companies could survive the tough times that the country underwent. This clearly shows the drive and determination that the Goulds management and staff had from the start. This is clearly one of those well pump company that everyone want to be associated with.


Goulds has embraced innovative ideas from the start. It was the first to come up with iron cast well pumps. This occurred at a time when most people perceived wooden pumps as the ultimate choice. Seabury himself never deviated from his believe in the unlimited possibilities that an iron pump would present. Since its inception, the company has been a leader when it comes to innovation. It has become the top with respect to pumping equipment and associated accessories.


When it comes to leadership, Goulds has set a record as a role model. It has demonstrated that it takes good leadership for a company to succeed. The firm’s leadership from the beginning has believed in the dream of the founder. During a time when very few people would have imagined the possible uses of a pump, its leader was committed to coming up with the most reliable well pumps. Fortunately, his dream came true. Lots of opportunities came up later own and these placed the firm at the top when it comes to pumping equipment and other essential tools and equipment.

Unlimited Options

Nothing and no one can beat a manufacturer who offers lots of options to its buyers. Goulds has always provided unlimited choices to its buyers when it comes to well pumps, pump accessories, tools, and many others.

Response Time

An important criteria that sets apart a good manufacturer from the rest is its response rate or time to client orders. Goulds has stayed ahead in the game when it comes to handling client queries. They handle client orders promptly and value client feedback irrespective of whether it is negative or positive. That may explain why buyers have stuck with the manufacturer.

Client Reviews

We can all attest to the fact that Goulds has lots of positive client feedback when it comes to all its products. They manufacture good quality products and that keeps buyers coming back for more. The reviews they receive from clients are used as a guide for product enhancement and this has kept it ahead of other manufacturers of well pump products and pumping accessories.


Product quality was from the start a reason that drove the founder of Goulds to come up with the first Iron cast pump. He was never satisfied with the wooden pumps that were subject to lots of limitations at the time, and that is why he wanted something better. Ever since then Goulds embraces quality when it comes to its products. It is known for good quality products. These are products that can last for many years.

A Good Reputation

Goulds has built a good reputation with buyers when it comes to well pumping products and accessories. It has never been associated with anything negative that could ruin its reputation. This is one of the firms that have set a good record as a well manufacturer. A firm’s reputation both online and offline can clearly tell what kind of relationship you can have with them. You can check all about Goulds Well Pump on reliable online marketplaces such as Amazon.


A firm might have the right capability and equipment but if it fails to deliver the products as required and in accordance to your requirements, it has failed. Goulds has a good experience manufacturing well pumping products and in delivering products as required. It is known for its high level responsiveness to client requirements and tolerance. They also package and deliver items as required by clients.


Goulds Well Pump is a manufacturer whose products are not only efficient but they also design and manufacture them efficiently. They are up to speed when it comes to its products and this is made possible by its latest technology and equipment. This translates to reduced lead time and low cost.

A Final Word

Goulds Well Pump with its rich history has stood the test of time. It has proven that when you lead there is simply no option but to get better. Its innovative collection of well pumping systems and equipment are the best any buyer can have. Some of its best-selling products include shallow well jet pumps, deep well jet pumps, sewage pumps, sump pumps, convertible jet pumps, booster systems, packaged systems, float switches, trash pumps, and many others. It has remained a key innovator and leader in the competitive world of well pumping. Furthermore, Goulds has built a good reputation with buyers. They have stayed ahead in the game.

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