Homdox 1.6HP Shallow Well Booster Pump Review

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In modern life, pumping water is an important activity to raise the water to a level where it is of best use. Various manufacturers have pumps of varying types and performance. The best pumps are able to lift water to a height that is enough for its subsequent use. These pumps also have high output volumes and can empty or fill containers quickly. In the past, there were many gasoline and diesel water pumps used. Today, electric water pumps that have a rotating motor in the assembly are popular. One such popular electric water pump is the Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster pump.

Homdox is a manufacturer and seller of many appliances for use at home. Its products have also found use in other settings including in farms and office setups. The Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster pump is one of the many products made by this reputable company. It is a water pump that promises to be your solution for home, garden and farm water pumping needs. Homdox commits to provide high quality products using efficient manufacturing processes and adoption of technology. The company has over the years provided its customers with high-tech products that are practical such as this shallow well booster pump. So let’s check it out and see what it’s all about.

About the Homdox 1.6HP Shallow Well Booster Pump

Homdox 1.6HP Stainless Shallow Well Booster Pump


The Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster pump comes in a blue, silver and black color. It has its inlet and outlet on one side of the pump. In the middle is the motor with a blue aluminum casing for heat dissipation. The other end of the pump holds the casing for the motor and a power connection cable. This assembly is very sturdy and shows great craftsmanship. The pump also has an iron handle for easy handling when you want to move or set it up. The attachments of the handle onto the pump assembly for a flat attachment plate on the underside of the pump. This attachment plate is great for bolting the pump into place in cases where it is used continuously.


This Homdox electric water pump is a powerhouse with its 3,000 liters per hour pumping capacity. It is able to do this with its 1200 watts of energy. The pump has a power output of 1.6 horsepower. It runs on AC electricity at a voltage of 110 to 115. The pump is strong and can pull water from a depth of up to 23 feet. Once the Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster water pump is properly setup, it can raise the water up to a height of 137 feet. This powerful performance of this pump has made it one of the best pumps for use at home, and in small irrigation projects. The pump can run several sprinklers simultaneously without losing water pressure in the supply pipes.

On/Off Switch

This pump comes with an On/Off switch on it. You can also set the pump to pump automatically. When the water pressure at the outlet falls, the pump starts running. If the pressure exceeds 66 Psi, the pump stops. This feature is great for the prevention of burst pipes. It keeps your water supply infrastructure intact while giving you great results and a constant supply of water. For the automatic operation feature, the On/Off switch on the pump should be left in the ON position. You should also keep the pump connected to a properly rated electric current. In any mode, this Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster water pump gets through any draining job with ease.

Homdox 1.6HP Stainless Shallow Well Booster Pump

Other Features

  • The water inlet and outlet of the pump are well positioned and angled so that differentiating them is intuitive. At its best operation levels, this Homdox water pump should give you a pressure of 66 PSI at the outlet point. In home and lawn irrigation needs, this is adequate water pressure. It is also great for washing cars and many other home uses.
  • Once installed, priming the pump is often needed. Some amount of water is run through the pump and the pipes attached to it. It is therefore best practice to have closable valves on both sides of the pump piping systems. They allow easy priming for best results.
  • One feature of this pump you might miss is the dewatering outlet. This is an outlet that is designed for the draining of water from the pump. It is necessary to dewater the pump if you are going to be putting it in storage for an extended period of time. If you are going to be using it again soon, you can leave the water in the pump and save yourself the work of priming the pump.

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Pros and Cons


  • Homdox has put a lot in its products over the years. The company believes in the great quality of its Homdox 1.6 HP shallow well water pump that it gives a 1-year warranty. It assures buyers that the pump is durable equipment that they can trust and rely on.
  • This shallow well water pump has both safety and energy saving features that are great for its use in homes, cabins and farms. It has an energy efficient motor that turns off automatically if there is thermal overload. Additionally, the motor is a silent running motor that makes very little noise in operation.
  • This well booster water pump is made using a combination of metal and plastic that is all long lasting and resistant to wearing. Once purchased, you are sure of the pump being your pumping workhorse for many years with proper use.
  • A small compact size of 12.9 x 7.8 x 9 inches and a weight of 7.28 kg make this pump suitable for water pumping situations where portability is a major consideration. The pump can be used in a mobile setting with ease as long there is supply of electricity where the pump is set up.
  • An instructions manual comes with every purchase of this pump. It helps you understand the water pump in depth and set it up with ease.


  • The Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster pump is not submersible. Persons favoring submersible water pumps and situations needing submersible pumps are not served well by this pump.
  • This pump cannot be used with water that is not very clear of impurities. Any debris measuring more than 1 mm in cross-section can cause you damage to the pump or problems with its smooth working.
  • Having the pump only  in 110 V rating only makes it difficult to use the pump in other countries outside the USA and in some regions of the world.


Further Thoughts

Homdox sells this electric pump fully assembled. All you need to do to set it up is position it, attach the inlet and outlet pipes, and supply it with electric power. The water pump is easy to affix an electric cord to. It also has a switch for turning it on and off. The water pump comes with a cord attached to it, so a power outlet such as a socket is all you need. This increases the safety of use of the water pump and shows Homdox considers the end use of the water pump when designing it.

A Final Word

This Homdox water pump is a great product from a reliable manufacturer of home use products. It is made using durable materials and lasts for long. Various technologies are deployed on the pump to ensure its long life and superior pumping performance. You are well suited to purchase this water pump and enjoy the reliability it offers you. Home owners and those needing to irrigate land get great value for their investment in the Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster pump.

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Though not submersible, the Homdox 1.6HP shallow well booster pump does a great job of pumping water from its source.

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