Red Lion PWJET50 Shallow Well Jet Pump

Red Lion PWJET50 Shallow Well Jet Pump Review

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Well pumps are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, types, and models. The manufacturers of well pumps are also many, and therefore it might be a challenge to sift the reliable ones from the others at times. Fortunately well pumps reviews serve the purpose of enlightening you, the buyer. In this age and time no one should buy any product blindly. You need to find out all about the product before making a purchase. Shallow well jet pumps in particular are available in many brands and thus it requires a little effort and time to know exactly what is needed for your well. The Red Lion PWJET50 is a shallow well jet pump that has been designed solely for the purpose of drawing water from shallow wells. It is one of those pumps that are ideal for a wide variety of applications and usage.

What Options Do You Have for Your Well?

A shallow well jet pump is a highly efficient pump, made up of 3 aspects: jet assembly, electric motor, and an impeller. It can either be a self-priming pump that is reinforced with a fiberglass. Other pumps come with a pressure switch that regulates the pump pressure. When it comes to price, a shallow well jet pump is more affordable than others. It works well in not only shallow but also narrow wells. It is a highly versatile pump with the capability of working on wells that have different outputs. Water is drawn via a suction mechanism.

Available also are centrifugal pumps. This type of pump is generally used in water table wells. It is quite troublesome but is ideal when higher quantities are required. Alternatively you can use a convertible well pump which is designed for deep wells. This tends to be highly dependable and versatile. It functions as both shallow and deep well pump if needed.

There are also some important considerations which come into the picture when choosing your well pump. The well diameter affects the type of pump chosen. The suction discharge, well casing and supply line sizes should be evaluated. The well casing should be adequate for the supply lines. The water quantity also affects the well pump to be chosen. The well pump should pump the required amount of water per hour and the depth of the water should also be considered so as to avoid running the well dry. Finally, check out the price. A reliable well pump vendor that handles shallow well pumps will come in handy when it comes to the purchase of your pump. He or she should provide a solid guarantee from the manufacturer.

What About the Red Lion PWJET50 Shallow Well Jet Pump?

The Red Lion PWJET50 Shallow Well Jet Pump is designed for drawing water from wells of 25 feet or less. It is an electric well pump with a 115/230V heavy duty motor. It also comes with a preset 30/50 pressure switch that has an automatic switch feature and produces a maximum of 50 psi. This pump is designed for households and farm applications. It is widely used across other sectors and pumps fresh water needed for different purposes. It features is a light weight cast iron well pump that out-performs most of its competitors.

When it comes to the outward appearance, this well pump is quite striking. It has an excellent overall look with a black finish. One of its special features is the dual voltage which is unique in itself. Its flow rate is top notch, registering 7 GPM thanks to its heavy duty motor that is connected to an existing power source. Furthermore, it has an impressive amperage capacity of 6 Amps.

Check Price and Availability of the Red Lion PWJET50 Shallow Well Jet Pump

Product Features

  • Made of cast iron.
  • Its amperage capacity is 6A.
  • Its flow rate is 7 GPM.
  • Has a dual voltage.
  • Product dimensions are 8.5 x 13.9 x 8.4 inches.
  • Its country of origin is China.
  • Weighs 21.2 pounds.
  • Ships to selected countries outside the US.


  • It is an excellent pump for drawing clean water for use in households and various farm uses.
  • It has an extremely powerful motor that generates a flow rate of 7 GPM. The 6 Amp motor is a heavy duty motor with capability of handling the needs of the most demanding water users.
  • The dual voltage is an added advantage to this well pump.
  • Ideal for shallow pumps.
  • It has a pre-set pressure switch that shuts off automatically.
  • Extremely quiet. Most buyers are impressed by this upon purchase.
  • Since it is a hard performer, pumping water from a shallow well is an easy duty for the pump.
  • Provides enough water when needed. Quickly fills up the storage tank.
  • No issues with vibration.
  • No need for a separate pressure switch since it comes with its own which works perfectly.


Pros and Cons


  • Works as anticipated.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Has its own pressure switch.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Excellent for supply of water for household needs.
  • Quality for money.
  • Excellent pressure switch.


  • You have to check the voltage switch to ensure it is set to the right voltage.

Check Price and Availability of the Red Lion PWJET50 Shallow Well Jet Pump

Further Thoughts

I am very much impressed with the Red Lion PWJET50 shallow well jet pump. It performs as expected and works smoothly. It is also more affordably priced when compared to similar pumps. It also makes little noise. I like the fact that it comes with its own preset pressure switch. It is a definite quality for the money. However, on the negative side I found that it is not as powerful as I anticipated.

A Final Word

The Red Lion PWJET50 shallow well jet pump is a quality pump that comes at an affordable price. Its unique features in particular make it stand out from the crowd. It is a definite quality for price.

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