Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 Shallow Well Jet Pump Review

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Getting water from various sources often requires pumping it. There are many types of pumps with varying capabilities you can go for. The best pumps for the job are usually those that are powerful enough for your needs and use readily available energy sources. The Red Lion RJS-75-Prem 602207 premium cast iron shallow well jet pump is a small electric pump. It is long lasting and has a power output of about ¾ horsepower. It measures approximately 9.1 x 17.8 x 9.1 inches and weighs 39.6 pounds. The jet water pump is made by Red Lion manufacturing company. It comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

About the Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 Premium Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump

Red Lion is a company that manufactures and sells many types of pumps for various needs. Among its products are submersible pumps, sprinkler pumps and sump pumps. The company also has packages of tanks and pumps that are sold together. The Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 is a jet pump. It is great for use in shallow wells, creeks and storage tanks. It outputs water through a pipe at a pressure of up to 50 Psi. The water enters the pump at a pressure of up to 30 Psi. The pump is made using cast iron, which makes the pump resistant to rust and therefore lasts very long. The molded iron also makes the pump very reliable since it does not allow frequent breakdowns.


Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 Shallow Well Jet Pump

This premium cast iron jet pump made and sold by Red Lion comes in a bright red color. It shows great attention to its crafting and possible installation. The inlet port on the pump is on one side and the outlet is perpendicular to the inlet. At the motor area of the pump, an air inlet fins allow circulation of air around the motor coils for cooling purposes. This keeps the pump cool even with frequent use.

It is evident that Red Lion has put a lot of thought into the design of this pump and have taken into consideration how this pump might be used. On the bottom of this pump is a flat plate for use in attaching the pump to various surfaces. The plate is made using the same strong material as the pump. It has holes for the passage of bolts that are needed to firmly attach the pump in the position you want.


Large water use establishments are best set to benefit from this Red Lion water pump. Large homes, farms and cottages are some of the places this pump as found a lot of favor. Farmers with water at nearby creeks and needing to pump it to their farms would benefit greatly from the Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 premium cast iron shallow well jet pump. The pump gives great performance and is able to handle the water demands of both light and heavy users. It is able to lift water from a source and pump it up a satisfactory height to a tank or other storage containment.


Powering the Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 premium cast iron shallow well jet pump is by use of electricity. The pump comes with two modes that are factory-installed. You can run it on a 110 V alternating current supply or 230 V AC grid supply. The pump has a selector on it that lets you set the AC voltage you will be supplying it with. This makes the pump suitable for use around the world since it can work on the two major mains electricity supply grids that are used in the world. A capacitor in the pump ensures that the pump has high starting power.

Things to note:

  • A lot of international sales of this pump are a testimony to its high performance and ability to work on 110 or 230 Volts grids. The pump is a favorite of many home owners and small scale farmers across the globe.
  • It is important that you select the right input value on the pump to correspond with the voltage of electricity you will be supplying it.
  • If you do not set the selector to the right value, you might get under-performance of the pump and you risk damaging the pump.

Other Features

In making this pump, Red Lion shows great thought and effort to produce a high quality jet pump for its customers. The pump is installed with a pressure switch that shuts the pump off and turns it on when certain preset pressures are reached. At 30 psi, the pump can turn itself on and start pumping water to where you want it. This jet pump shuts itself off when the pressure reaches 50 psi. This feature adds to the safety of the pump while making sure you will always have water in your home or farm.

The pump is able to output up to 23 gallons of water per minute when it is running at optimum conditions. At most other times, it gives an output of 16 gallons of water per minute.

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Pros and Cons

Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 Shallow Well Jet Pump


  • A thermoplastic impeller on the Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 premium cast iron shallow well jet pump works as a diffuser and regulates the efficient flow of water. It is high performance and allows you to pump water from a well of 25 feet depth. Most homes, cottages and other users of small amounts of water are very well suited to use this pump.
  • This shallow well jet pump runs on electric power. It is built to work on both 110 and 220 volts supply grids without suffering damage. A selector helps you set the pump to the correct operating voltage. The pump is therefore easy and convenient to use where there is electricity supply.
  • This pump is small and powerful. It is convenient to purchase and install. Setting it up is easy and can be done by people with no previous experience setting up the pump. The water pump is durable and very useful in places where you are not pumping very large amounts of water over extended periods of time.


  • This water pump runs on electricity and rotates a motor within the pump. It consumes electric power at a rating of 14 amperes which can be significant on your power bill. Rotation of the pump also results in it getting a bit hot when it is run for a long period of time without stopping. High temperatures can affect the performance of the pump or cause catastrophic damage to its components.
  • You need to carry out complicated priming with this jet pump. Before it is running efficiently and pumping out water, the process is complex and takes more time than most other pumps. This can make new pump users think the pump is broken at first or have them not enjoying the full benefits of owning the pump.


A Final Word

The Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 premium cast iron shallow well pump is a good investment for the home and small farm owners. It gives you good returns on investment and is durable. It is made using high quality materials that do not contaminate water or break apart easily. The pump lifts water using simple and well known technology.

In the event of breakdown, Red Lion has a very effective and easy-to-reach customer service department that is very responsive to queries. The good reputation of the company and its long history in making water pumps of various types are great assurance that the RJS 602207 shallow well jet pump is a high quality pump. Use it in your home and small farm to solve your water pumping needs.

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The Red Lion RJS-75-PREM 602207 Shallow Well Jet Pump is a worthy investment the home and small farm owners.

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