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Red Lion Well Pump: Overview and History

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When it comes to the competitive world of well pumps, a manufacturer has to go an extra mile in literally everything if it wants to stand out from the crowd. Red Lion Pump Products is a manufacturer of well pumps, well pump accessories, and other tools. It has built a great reputation with buyers and its signature name and designs resonates with most of us. Red Lion well pump products vary greatly in design and usage. Let’s take a look.

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Red Lion Well Pump Products

Red Lion Pump Products offers some of the best products when it comes to well pumps. Some of its products include the following:

  • Shallow Well Jet Pumps
  • Convertible Jet Pumps
  • Deep Well Jet Pumps
  • Pump Accessories
  • Sump Pumps

1. Red Lion Shallow Well Jet Pumps

Red Lion Well Pump - Red Lion RJS-100-PREM 602208 Premium Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump
The Red Lion RJS-100-PREM 602208 Premium Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump. Click image to view.

The shallow well jet pump is designed for applications where water to be pumped lies within a distance not exceeding 25 feet from the suction port to the water pumping location. This pumping system is the most economical and is ideal for drawing water from shallow wells, cisterns, or lakes.

Red Lion’s shallow well jet pumps apply the jet action mechanism when drawing water. This refers to the combined action of the venturi and nozzle that create the required pressure for drawing the water from its source.

The Red Lion Shallow Well Jet Pumps are ideal for supplying clean and drinkable water for farms, cabins, and rural households with wells of up to 25 feet. The pump is self-priming, has a rugged cast iron casing, offers a flow rate of up to 24 US gallons per minute (gpm), comes with a 30/50 pounds per square inch (psi) pressure switch, a diffuser and impeller made of glass-filled thermoplastic and can use 115 volts (V) or 230V. These pumps offer a pressure of up to 66 psi, a suction of 1 ¼ feet National Pipe Thread (NPT) and discharge of 1 feet NPT.

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2. Red Lion Convertible Jet Pumps

Red Lion Well Pump - Red Lion 602037 3/4-HP Convertible Jet Pump with Injector Kit
The Red Lion 602037 3/4-HP Convertible Jet Pump with Injector Kit. Click image to view.

As the name suggests, the convertible jet pumps are designed in such a manner that they can work as both a shallow and a deep well pump. The injector assembly in these pumps is removable and when it is removed from the casing of the pump and placed in the well the pump becomes a deep well jet pump.

The deep well arrangement in the convertible jet pump uses two pipes, one referred to as the drive pipe carrying water down the jet. The second pipe referred to as the return pipe does exactly what its name suggests – returns the water back to the pump from the jet and the venturi. The return pipe is also called suction pipe is usually larger than the drive pipe since it carries the water from the jet and draws the water from the well.

Red Lion convertible jet pumps are designed for drawing clean water for farms, cabins, rural homes, ranches, construction sites, and many other applications. Some of its features include: a rugged cast iron casing, has a flow rate of 20 U.S gpm, 1 and quarter feet NPT suction and a 1 feet NPT discharge, a venturi that can be altered for a deep well of more than 40 feet, glass-filled thermoplastic diffuser and impeller, a pressure switch of 30/50 psi, and pressure capability of up to 87 psi.

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3. Red Lion Deep Well Jet Pump

Red Lion Well Pump - Red Lion RL12G15-3W2V 1-1/2-HP 12-GPM 3-Wire 230-Volt Submersible Deep Well Pump
The Red Lion RL12G15-3W2V 1-1/2-HP 12-GPM 3-Wire 230-Volt Submersible Deep Well Pump. Click image to view.

This type of pump has the pump and the motor joined together and submerged in water. This pump is super-powerful and has more advantages than any other centrifugal pump. This pump pushes the water instead of working against the force of gravity or atmospheric pressure.

Within the deep well submersible pump interior are a number of compact impellers referred to as stages. The number of stages within the pump varies immensely and will depend on the pressure needed and the depth of the water to be lifted. The motor of the deep well submersible pump is waterproof and is located below water intake screen where it is attached directly to the pump.

Red Lion deep well pumps are powered by industry standard motors tailored to work efficiently in a wide number of applications. They can be used for supplying water to farms, ranches, cabins, rural households, and many others. These pumps are available in 12 gpm and 22 gpm and have built-in check valve and suction screen. They also have a stainless steel pump shell as well as a thermoplastic motor bracket and discharge.

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4. Red Lion Pump Accessories

Red Lion Pump Products has extensive experience and knowledge about the way a pump works. As a result of this, they have applied this knowledge in coming up with pump accessories and other tools required for well pumping. Some of the pump accessories they offer include: well seal, pressure gauge, pitless adapter, yard hydrants, foot valves, filters, pressure switch, and many others.

The well seal is an accessory that closes the well casing underground. This helps prevent polluted water, waste, unwanted material, or any other dirt from seeping into the fresh water supplied. It also acts as a buffer against small animals and insects that might enter get trapped within the pumping system. It acts as a seal in between two cast or plastic ends and when this is tightened the rubber forms the seal within the casing.

Red Lion’s pressure gauge acts as an indicator of the pump pressure as regulated by the pressure switch. The gauge is not required for the pump to operate. Some switches come with pressure and pressure gauge within the package.

A pitless adapter is designed for pumping systems that will be used in colder climates. This is required since at some point below the freeze, the drop pipe needs to leave the casing.

The yard hydrant is an essential accessory that comes with a bronze shut-off valve situated below the frost line. Since it has a shut-off valve this can be installed anywhere on the discharge line. However, it should never be connected on the suction side.

Foot valves or check keeps the water from flowing back to the well. Red Lion Pump Products offer a huge collection of foot valves or checks that are ideal for most pumping systems. The check valve holds pressure on one side and vacuum on the other and this prevents air from leaking into the lines. When air leaks in, the water will leak out.

Filters are important accessories for any pumping system. Red Lion Pump Products have designed filters that deliver clean and drinkable water for households. They even offer replaceable cartridge type filters that eliminate dirt, rust, bad odor, and bacteria. This is used only in cold water pumping systems. Those with mobile homes or who are camping will also benefit from filters if they have to draw water from supplies they are not accustomed with.

The pressure switch regulates the water system. It starts and stops at preset pressure limits, normally 30 psi on and 50 psi off, acting as an automatic pressure regulator for the pump. It is connected to a jet pump and connects to the main power. As for a submersible application, its control box is mounted on a wall separately and a cable connects to the control box. The main power supply also leads to the control box.

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5. Red Lion Sump Pumps

Red Lion Well Pump - Red Lion RL-SC50T 1/2-HP 4300-GPH Sump Pump with Tethered Float Switch
The Red Lion RL-SC50T 1/2-HP 4300-GPH Sump Pump with Tethered Float Switch. Click image to view.

Sump pumps are pumps that are used in businesses or home basements to remove unwanted water. They are placed in a sump basin located in a corner of the basement. Since the pumps are submersible, they can be fully immersed in water and still function well. Some of the areas where these pumps serve include basements, transformer vaults, elevator pits, construction sites, crawl spaces, underground passageways, and many other applications.

Red Lion sump pumps come in different models and each has a different housing materials. For instance, cast iron, thermoplastic, or stainless steel. Each of the materials is excellent quality with the thermoplastic being resistant to rust and corrosion. The cast iron casing on the other hand is heavier, stronger, and longer lasting. Those made with stainless steel are corrosion resistant, stronger, and durable. They are also covered by the longest warranty. Red Lion sump pumps have two types of switches: a tethered float switch or vertical float switch. The difference between the two is that one activates a switch attached outside the pump and the other activates a switch inside the pump.

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History of Red Lion Pump Products

Red Lion Pump Products has been in the industry since 1935. It has been a trusted manufacturer of well pumps for generations. The firm recently merged its Little Giant Retail Hardware with its Red Lion line.

Things that Makes Red Lion Different from the Competition


A firm’s branding strategy is what makes it different from the rest. Red Lion Pump Products has employed a completely different style when it comes to its marketing strategy. Its name in particular is different from what others use. It is the only manufacturer in the market that offers red pumps (as opposed to the usual blue and black). According to the manufacturer, the color red is quite striking and unique. It captures the attention of the buyer on first glance. All their products have the color red and that is its differentiating feature from the competition. This simplifies the selection process.

Years in the Business

There can never be a substitute to experience no matter a field in question. The Red Lion well pump has been in the market since 1935. That in itself shows how serious they are when it comes to its products. Some manufacturers might have started off with Red Lion but only a few have stood the test of time. it is a trusted manufacturer and that is why buyers keep buying its products.


A firm’s ability to stay competitive and remain on top depends in large measure on its ability to embrace latest technology and equipment. Red Lion has always stayed on top when it comes to new technology. Its innovative ideas have transformed the well pump industry. They offer a wide array of well pumps and accessories that are up-to-date with current technology and equipment. It is Red Lion’s innovative ideas that have kept them ahead of the competition.


Truth be told, if someone has been in the industry for more than 80 years you would expect nothing but the best quality products. Red Lion is synonymous with good quality well pumps and well pump accessories and equipment. They have remained as the best since they manufacturer nothing but excellent quality products.

Good Quality Service

One of Red Lion differentiating marketing strategy is its top notch service to clients. They embrace a culture that allows buyers to walk in directly to their offices and interact with their sales force. During these sessions clients are given marketing materials, training sessions, and one-on-one training. Besides this, Red Lion staff are among the best when it comes to their product knowledge.


Red Lion Well Pump products have a good reputation both online and offline. Clients have nothing but praise about this manufacturer’s products. Buyers who have used the products keep buying their products since they are top notch.

A Wide Variety of Choices

Having unlimited options is a key differentiator when it comes to competition for any product. Red Lion well pump products offer a wide variety options if you are looking for well pumping systems or accessories. This is a key differentiator and it makes this firm stand out from the crowd. The products are available in different models and sizes. You never lack a product to choose from when it comes to Red Lion’s collection of well pumps and accompanying accessories.

A Final Word

Red Lion Pump Products is one of those manufacturers who have set a clear record when it comes to pumping systems and well pump accessories. Its marketing strategy is quite unique when compared with others, with a brand strategy that embraces the red color as its differentiator. Buyers are happy with Red Lion well pump products and have remained loyal since the brand first came into the market in 1935. They offer a wide variety of pumping systems and well pump accessories and therefore a buyer never runs short of what to choose. The competitive pricing also is a key differentiator of Red Lion Well Pump products.

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