The Types of Well Pumps Explained

Well pumps have been in use since the onset of civilization. The purpose of the pump may not have changed over the years but sizes, types, and models of pumps have changed immensely. Currently, there are literally dozens of well pumps in the market and what is ideal for you will depend on your needs. It all boils down to whether you need one for a shallow or deep well. Since an investment in a well pump may take up a substantial amount of money, it is always wise to check out the different sizes, models and types of well pumps available before buying one.

1. The Well Jet Pump

This is installed for wells that are 150 feet deep. It is fitted with one or more impellers as well as a jet ejector that boosts the discharge pressure, water motion, and suction. For a shallow well of 18 feet or less, a shallow well jet pump will be effective. It is also easy to set it up, less expensive and requires a little maintenance. However, it is less efficient if used for deeper wells.

The deep well jet pump on the other hand is ideal for wells that are 22 to 120 feet deep or more. It also does a great job on shallow wells that require more pressure.

There are instances where the water table for an area keeps fluctuating. The convertible jet well pump becomes the best option for such an area. This simply means that the pump is setup to meet the needs of the user depending on the water level. When the well is either deep or shallow, it is adjusted accordingly. The convertible jet well pump is used for this purpose.

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2. The Submersible Well Pump

For wells that are too deep and require a lift of greater than 80 feet, the submersible well pump becomes the best option. This type of pump makes it possible to accomplish various purposes and applications. These include: firefighting, irrigation, seawater processing, sewage treatment, industrial pumping, offshore drilling rigs, underground water pumping and many others.

A submersible well pump has an electric motor that is completely sealed and airtight. This prevents water from leaking into the motor. The functioning of a submersible pump differs with that of a jet pump in that the jet pump pulls the water from the well, whereas the submersible pump pushes it upwards.

When it comes to efficiency, the submersible well pump is more efficient than the jet pump. That may explain why it is preferred for deeper wells. It is also perfect for situations where there is a wide separation in elevation between the water level and the pump. Like the well jet pump, submersible well pumps can be either deep or shallow.

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3. The Hand Well Pump

As its name suggests, the hand well pump is manually operated. It relies on human effort or power to draw the water from the well.

The hand water pump ideally works using the principle of pressure theory. It has two plungers, one on the bottom and the other on top. The bottom plunger is sealed by a valve. When hand pressure is applied to the pump, the top plunger rises and draws the water upwards. Meanwhile, the bottom plunger which is tightly sealed prevents the water from flowing backwards.

The pump has a check valve which allows fluids to flow only in one direction. The valve also closes automatically so as to prevent flow of water in the opposite direction. The hand well pump has a hose on one side that acts as an inlet and another hose on the other side acting as an outlet. The up and down plunging mechanisms exerts pressure and pushes the water through the inlet and out through the outlet.

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A Final Word

In addition to the types of well pumps, other important factors to consider when buying a well pump include: power, extra features, and flow capacity. You need to evaluate your needs then check out a number of pumps before choosing the right one. An expert can make the selection process so much easier since he or she has handled and installed so many models. A reliable well pump installation firm should meet all your repair, replacement and installation needs as well.