The Solar Well Pump – Comparisons and Benefits

The solar well pump can be one of your best investments ever. It has gained popularity in remote areas where power lines cannot access. Solar well pumps have gained acceptance globally because of not only its efficiency but also due to the fact that solar energy is clean energy. Most firms that are concerned about minimizing environmental pollution are going green by using the solar pump.

The solar well pump system consists of an electric pump system in which the source of power is one or several PhotoVoltaic panels. The solar panel powers a motor which then runs the surface pump. Once the water is pumped from the well, it is directed to a reservoir or storage tank where it can be directed to where it is needed.

Solar Well Pump Compared with Others




Solar Power
  • No fuel costs incurred.
  • Clean energy source.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Flexible and reliable.
  • Does not require constant attention.
  • Simple to use.
  • Costs may be high initially.
  • Affected by cold weather.
  • Requires good exposure to sun as from 9am to 3pm to give maximum yield.
  • Portable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easily available.
  • Moderate capital required.
  • Heavy maintenance and replacement.
  • Characterized by noise, dirt and fumes.
  • Requires constant attention.
  • Fuel is not cheap.
  • Short lifetime if not maintained properly.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • No fuel costs incurred.
  • Not feasible in all terrains.
  • Low initial capital.
  • Highly mobile.
  • Requires excessive physical effort.


Types of Solar Well Pumps

Solar well pumps have been categorized into two broad categories: surface pumps and submersible solar water pumps. The surface pumps as the name suggests are positioned above the ground and channel water through pipes. They are best suited for moving water in huge quantities at a slow speed. They are commonly used in farms and irrigation systems. The submersible solar pump on the other hand is installed underground but with the solar panels above the ground. The submersible pump draws water from the well unto the surface of the land.

The Components of the Solar Panel

The solar pump system is made up of three major components: the solar panels, wiring, and the pump. The solar cells are the power house where solar rays are collected from the sun and converted to usable electricity. Once power has been generated the wiring moves the electric power to the pump. The role of the pump is to draw the water from the well and direct it to the reservoir. Some solar well pumps have a chargeable battery which offer more benefits since water can still be pumped even when there is no light.

Factors that determine Solar Pump Installation Cost

  • System Size  the bigger the system installed the higher the cost. The initial capital required for solar panel installation is quite high and the bigger the system is the more expensive it is. Most people opt for smaller systems for as long as it meets the location’s criteria. The solar pump may have a high initial cost but in the long run its reliability offsets this cost.
  • Solar level  the availability and intensity of insolation will determine the size of system that can be installed in an area. An area that receives more sunshine requires a smaller system.
  • Pumping Head  this refers to the total distance over which the water is pumped. The pumping head has a direct correlation with the water volume unit costs. When compared to other types of pumping systems, the solar power is economical over the long haul. Systems such as the diesel and gas generators have low initial costs but are expensive to maintain.


Uses of Solar Well Pump

  • Drawing water for household needs.
  • Water for livestock.
  • Water for irrigation purposes.


How the Solar Well Pump Works

  • The solar panels generate the power when exposed to sunlight.
  • The power then flows into the RPS optimizer via the wire connection.
  • With the low water sensor and high water sensor not activated, optimized voltage is channeled to the submersible pump.
  • The water is pushed up the pumping system into the holding tank.
  • The collected water can then be directed to wherever it is needed using force of gravity or artificial pressure.


Benefits of the Solar Pump

  • Reliability – with solar power you can pump water anywhere without the need for an external source of power. Rural areas have benefited immensely since the advent of solar well pump.
  • Availability and affordability – solar well pumps are quite affordable and are easily available. The advancement in modern technology has led to the design of cheaper and more efficient solar well pumps.
  • Zero recurrent costs – aside from the installation cost incurred, there are no regular costs associated with solar well pumps. All you do is enjoy the power generated using the sun.
  • Preassembly – the solar well pump can be shipped right to your door as a complete kit. Furthermore, they can be shipped to all locations since they are shipped by normal shipping.
  • Versatility – current solar systems are modular in nature and that means they can easily be upgraded with time. Additional panels can easily be fitted to a smaller system.
  • Self installation is quick and hassle free – the solar well pump system does not require much effort to install. It can be installed within a single weekend thanks to its connectors that are waterproof and need no soldering.


A Final Word

If you reside within an area that is beyond the reach of power lines and desire a reliable pump for drawing water, then the solar well pump is what you need. The solar well pump is one of the best alternatives to environment polluting options such as engines. Nonetheless, purchase a well pumping system that has been tested and proven for your specific area. Choose a reputable manufacturer and avoid cheap knockoff systems that are easy to come by. It is much better to spend some extra money and get a system that will work for a long time instead of settle for something cheap that will sleep in the archives within a few years. Furthermore, choose a firm that is reliable and available for support when needed.