Deep Well Submersible Pump
The Hallmark Industries MA0419X-12A Deep Well Submersible Pump. Click image to view.

Deep Well Submersible Pump – Things You Need to Know

When it comes to well pumps, you have so many options to choose from. The deep well submersible pump is ideally a pump that works just like any other ordinary water pump. However, this pump is capable of functioning even when underwater. They are highly versatile and serve a wide number of applications including; farming, hydroponic techniques, filter, domestic use, aquariums, fountains, and many others. These pumps have motors that are encased so as to protect them from fluid leakage that might cause failure.

Most of the deep well submersible pumps are used for drainage, sewage, or slurry pumping. Some of the most popular deep well submersible pumps are the sump and sewer pump. They have specially-designed motors so as the standard water cannot penetrate. The motors are encased in a section that is fully loaded with oil. Since these pumps run on power, they require proper care when in operation. Fortunately, chances of electrocution are minimal. However, proper care is required when using them.

Benefits of Using a Deep Well Submersible Pump

Those who do not have an easy access to city water will benefits from a well pump. The deep well submersible pump will provide an easy and reliable access to water. Some of the benefits of having a deep well submersible pump include the following:

  • Curbs Water loss

Most areas are prone to water loss during dry seasons especially areas where the water table is deep. When shallow wells run dry one is forced to seek other sources of water for their household. Fortunately, a deep well submersible pump helps eliminate such a problem despite the inevitable environmental condition. When others are waiting for their wells to refill, you are secure knowing that you will never lose water when it is needed the most. Deep water wells are the best solutions for water loss.

  • Uninterrupted Water Supply

The submersible well pump for deep wells ensures you always have enough water. Those thinking of procuring a well pump for their homes and animals should always choose a pump that provides sufficient water for them. Most water wells provide a limited supply of water which can only be ideal for smaller households. The deep well provides access to a greater water supply which meets the needs of larger households or water-demanding projects such as construction. Irrespective of your water needs, a submersible deep well pump ensures you get adequate water for all your needs. The deep water wells with a submersible pump are the ultimate solution for a large supply of water for your property and household.

  • Self-Reliance

Most people are not self-reliant when it comes to catering for their water needs. They depend on the state or city services and suffer whenever these services fail. Join those on the self-reliance lane by investing in a deep well submersible pump. The submersible pump for the deep well allows you to be self-reliant when it comes to catering for your water needs. You no longer have to suffer like your neighbors when the municipal water service fails.

How to Choose a Deep Well Submersible Pump

If you have been considering procuring a deep well submersible pump but not sure of what to consider, then use the following criteria:

  • The diameter of the hole – the size or the diameter of the well where the submersible well pump will be put should be considered. An obvious choice would be a pump that has smaller outer diameter than the bore well size.
  • Total Head – this refers to the depth where the pump will be put plus the height of the storage tank location. You should choose a model that has the capability of pumping the water efficiently within the head in question.
  • Size of the outlet or delivery – this is simply the width or size of the outlet through which the water is ejected by the pump set. You should ensure this is compatible with the size of the pipe connected to the storage tank.
  • Rate of Discharge – one has to consider the amount of water pumped per minute by the pump. A pump with a greater discharge rate is ideal for a bigger area.
  • Construction – the material make of the pumping system is an important consideration since it affects its longevity.


Pros and Cons of the Deep Well Submersible Pump


  • High Efficiency  since these types of pumps are submerged in the water, they do not need lots of power to remove water from the source. The water pressure facilitates the water movement through the piping system.
  • Reliability  unlike some other kind of well pumps, the submersible pump for deep wells are more reliable. They provide a constant supply of water even during dry seasons or when state or municipal services fail.
  • Self-priming  the deep well submersible pump do not need to be primed since they are submerged in water. This type also eliminates any air bubbles in the pump set. Air bubbles can damages the inner lining of the pump.
  • Sufficient water supply  the main source water in a deep well submersible pump is the earth and that means you can get uninterrupted and sufficient water supply for your needs. You can switch your tap on and off whenever you need without worry. This avoids the limitation of being forced to fill your tank only on certain hours of the day.
  • No Back-flow  the deep well submersible pump is fitted with a non-return valve that ensures there is no back-flow of water.


  • Difficult to fix – the deep well submersible pump cannot be repaired easily whenever there is a serious problem. One is forced to remove the entire pumping system in order to fix it.
  • Expensive  these pumps are more costly when compared to the non-submersible units.


A Final Word

Deep well submersible pumps have become indispensable in households, industries, constructions sites, and many other applications. They come in a wide array of brands and models. They are also backed by varying warranties and after sale services. Therefore one might require expert advice when making a choice. It is also important to remember that they do not come cheap and thus it requires a serious evaluation before one makes a purchase.