Submersible Shallow Well Pump – Things You Need to Know

The well pump has become an indispensable part of a normal household. They are available in so many different types and boast varying features and benefits. The submersible shallow well pump is quite popular globally. It serves many purposes including lifting water from wells and underground sources. It is even used for removing unwanted water from basements and areas that have experienced flooding. The submersible pumps work in a similar manner as any other ordinary pump but in this case the pump is usually submerged in the water.

The design of the submersible shallow well pump is a cylinder that has a sealed motor at its bottom and is attached by wires above the ground. Since this pump is submerged in water, it features a sturdy design that is durable. These pumps are encased in iron housing that is water-resistant. They are also secured with lasting lubricant and can be removed from the well when need arises.

Some of the main applications of submersible well pump for the shallow well include: pumping clean water for household needs, sewage pumping, job site water pumping, and removal of swamped water. There are literally dozens of submersible well pumps to choose with respect to your needs.

How the Submersible Shallow Well Pump Works

The motor of the submersible pump is hermetically sealed and is close-coupled within the pumps body. The entire system is fully submerged in water and that is where its name comes from. They are used whenever huge amounts of water need to be pumped. They have a huge capacity and that means they can draw plenty of water within a short time.

The working mechanism of the submersible shallow well pump offers the best advantage. Instead of pulling or drawing the water, this pump pushes it outwards or upwards. By working in this manner, these pumps are more efficient in pumping the water. If you use a submersible well pump for a deep well, you can pump water from large underground tanks, deep wells, and deep underground water reservoirs. These can help serve huge commercial or residential complexes. The submersible well pump for the shallow well on the other hand will help serve less demanding water needs such as small household, irrigation, fountains, gardening, stagnant water removal, and many others.

Even though submersible pumps are not versatile in nature, the options available are limitless per se. The single stage pumps are designed for light industrial pumping and household uses. These include applications such as aquarium filters, sump pumping, or sewage pumping. The multiple stage pumps on the other hand are designed for use in anything underground. For instance, oil wells or water wells. They work well with both thin and thick liquids such as water or sewage.

An important point to remember with regard to submersible well pumps for a shallow or deep well is that they should always remain fully submerged in the fluid. They have been designed in such a way that its motor requires the underground water for it to stay cool. Any attempt to use a submersible well pump outside water will lead to overheating.

Pros and Cons of Submersible Shallow Well Pump


  • They have higher pumping capacity.
  • Ideal for bigger applications.
  • Best suited for underground water or wells.
  • Longer lasting.
  • Does not require priming since it is submerged in water.
  • Energy-efficient. They do not require a lot of energy to move water or fluids into the pump.
  • You have a lot of options to choose from when selecting a submersible well pump for your shallow well. You can get pumps that handle liquids and those that can handle solids.
  • They are quite since they are submerged in water. In fact, it is very difficult to know if you have one.
  • It does not have cavitation problems since there is never spike in pressure whenever the water flows through the pump.
  • Requires the least maintenance.
  • Very efficient.


  • More expensive.
  • Not useful in small applications.
  • Difficult to repair or maintain when there is a problem.
  • You cannot use one pump for all applications.
  • Seals can become corroded with time and cause water to seep into the motor.


Important Tips When Buying a Submersible Well Pump

The submersible well pumps are available in different size and shapes and thus it might not be easy to locate one that is best suited for your needs. Some of the most important considerations to evaluate when buying one include;

  • Water depth or water table.
  • The voltage required.
  • Amount of water required per hour.
  • Type of housing.

The shallow well submersible pump is designed for wells that are 25 feet of less. If the well is greater than that then it will be wise to go for a deep well submersible well pump. This can handle wells of up to 110 feet. You might as well go for a convertible well pump since this can be set to be either a shallow well or deep well submersible pump with respect to your needs.

Another consideration would be the type of casing or housing. Most of the submersible well pumps are housed in thermoplastic which is resistant to corrosion. This casing protects the motor and internal components from elements of nature that might cause damage. Pumps with this type of casing are best suited for locations prone to corrosion. Cast iron housing is also available with some pumps and these are ideal for areas that are not affected by moisture or corrosion. This type is longer lasting and useful just as the plastic casing pumps.

The voltage required is an important consideration since different pumps have different motors. The power capability of the motors differs immensely and thus you should a pump that is powered by a motor with the ability to generate the energy required to meet your pumping needs. This should also go hand-in-hand with the amount of water you need per hour.

A Final Word

The submersible shallow well pump is essential for most applications that require fluid pumping and there are literally dozens of options to choose from when making a choice. If not really sure about the type, brand, model, or size of submersible shallow well pump to choose, seek expert advice.