What is a Well Pump?

What is a well pump? A well pump simply refers to an equipment that is used to draw water from an underground source. It can either be placed above the ground or installed underground. For instance, the convertible jet pump or the shallow jet pump is placed within an outside well housing. The submersible pump on the other hand is submerged into the water.

The Well

The well allows you to obtain water from underground. It is simply a hole in the ground whose depth varies with respect to various factors – the depth of ground water, the site’s geological condition, and the quality of the ground water.

Different states have rules and regulations that allow or prohibit well drilling. You have to be cognizant of these laws before you begin well drilling otherwise you may risk losing all the money committed to the job. If you find this challenging, then it will be wise to contact a professional well driller.

One of the requirements for well drilling in most states is what is referred to as the “setback distance” or “separation distance”. This simply refers to the proximity of your well to various facilities and utilities, for example, buildings, contaminators, septic systems, power lines, underground gases and many others.

The Well Pump

The well pump comes in various designs, sizes, and models. What is needed for one household will differ with what is ideal for another.

The required pump size and pump power depends on the following:

  • Well diameter.
  • Water level of the well.
  • Water usage.
  • Water demand at peak times, that is, morning and evening.
  • Quantity of plumbing fixtures.

The rating of pumps is based on gallons per minute (gpm) and the pump motors are evaluated based on horsepower (hp). The ideal pump for light use such as domestic uses is typically 10gpm and 1/2hp motor. If you intend to use a pump for demanding needs such as livestock, irrigation, or heat pumps, then you have to purchase a larger, more powerful pump.

Choosing your Well Pump

Most drilled wells use a submersible pump. Its design is basically a pump with an approximately 3-1/2 inch diameter and length of 3 feet. This pump is placed in a nearby large well with its position below the water level.

As for wells that are 4 inches wide or less, the jet pump is a perfect choice. The well pump can be placed above the ground near the well or housed in a pump house. The latter requires a piping system, tends to deliver low operating pressure and yields less water when compared to the submersible pump. The name jet pump is derived from the mechanism the pump uses when drawing water. A jet or venturi refers to the cone-shaped device which normally creates a suction or vacuum which sucks water into the pumping system.

A Final Word

Different types of well pumps have their pros and cons and no single one is designed equal to the other. You therefore have to evaluate your needs before making a purchase. Ideal maintenance practices should also be followed so as to avoid any contamination or failure of the well pumping system.